Thursday, September 09, 2004

Clearing phone messages

As soon as I clear space for new messages, within a few hours or, at most, half a day, I get new wrong number or marketing calls.

(Edit: My phone number is unlisted. I only received marketing calls for a 2-year period (the height of my harassment), invariably at times when a lot of anomalies were going on, and the messages often related to something specifically going on in my life at the time. 10/15/10)

Yesterday (Wed. Sept. 8)

Call #1:

- Naseem R. Shaikh 416-242-8189

  • I had a previous call from this guy, many months ago. But get this: I dialled [*98] yesterday to retrieve this message, and for a second time, I was somehow magically connected to an actual phone line -- just by dialing [*-9-8]! So Mr. Shaikh answers, 'Hello, hello...hello?' I recognized his voice
    immediately, as I've been repeatedly saving his message along with 23 others, week after week.

    Same voice, one is from Naseem Shaikh, and the other message has a different name. The two telephone numbers are similar (416-461-8189 and 416-242-8189), suggesting that one is a landline and the other a cellphone. I simply note these things, because it's the only information I can cling to, should anything happen to me.

  • By the way, after '9-11' happened (ie, September 11 attacks on World Trade Center in New York), I had a phone message from someone speaking Arabic. The number registered as '(416) 000-0000'. A disproportionate number of my calls are from or directed to South Asian people. My friend who was apartment-sitting for me, at the time, even noted that there were a lot of strange/wrong number calls.

Call #2:

2:03pm - Bomatic Inc. 905-673-6500

Today (Thur. Sept. 9)

Call #3:

8:16 am - Beeping fax call
(ah, but this time it's an untraceable number; just yesterday I had posted a beeping call with a number attached.)

Call #4:

1:41 pm - R. Ubhi 902-434-4154
How many long-distance wrong number calls do you get? I've had well over 30.

So, that's 4 wrong numbers in 2 days, folks.


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