Saturday, September 25, 2004

Citizens' Inquiry Into 9-11

The Citizens' Inquiry into 9-11 (May 25-31, 2004) was my first chance to publicly discuss concerns about how the 'War Against Terrorism' must logically impact Canada. I also mentioned my own experiences of surveillance, and passed out copies of articles I had begun collecting immediately after the September 11th attacks that questioned the official news stories. Although the conference wasn't well publicized and turn-out was low, the event was recorded for both radio and television.*

*Note: The overall turn-out was not the organizers' fault. 'Coincidental' mix-ups on the part of PR companies meant thousands of posters never got put up. Unfortunately, negotiations with U.S. filmmaker and activist Michael Moore also fell through, due to certain contractual stipulations. Moore would've been a major media draw, but his speaking fee was higher than the event organizers could realistically shoulder. I fully expected the poster oversight to happen, but I was too busy and stressed out to contact anyone, and did not know whom to call.People have NO IDEA what's going on in Toronto - and why should they? Nevertheless, there's some serious shit going down.

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