Thursday, September 16, 2004

a Trojan, and not the sexy kind

I began my original blog on surveillance in June 2004 (though I retroactively posted one entry re: My Uncle's Death). I did not send it to anyone.

Yesterday, I circulated my weblog link for the first time. Today, I got hit by a computer virus (Trojan Autodialler, which apparently uses your computer to make calls). What timing. I've been talking so much about computer security, lately. This is the first time I've ever gotten a computer virus, since I started using the internet in 1997 (7 years).

While writing on my blog yesterday, I also had sudden problems with my internet service, then again about 12 hours later. Both times I was on hold ('all technicians are busy serving other customers'), despite the late hour. Then, I was told service was down for maintenance until 6am (called at 2:45am).

What's strange is:

- that's quite a long down period;
- there was no notification recording explaining any down time when I called;
- being on hold at a late hour, twice.

Sure this is hyper-analytical, but I've had MANY improbable incidents with Bell technicians. I have even confirmed with another computer tech guy that information I'm being given is not valid, and explanations are totally inaccurate. Yeah, it's Bell, but it did not seem to be the usual bungling.

Recent breakdowns in service happen at very specific times. Predictably, I call Bell and a technician walks me through steps that don't necessarily make sense or do anything, and yet, I'd never know the difference: service simply resumes.

I've written before about the vagaries of telephony security, Bell Sympatico's monopoly, and how it all relates to privacy issues. I also once pointed out that all the strange and persistent phone calls I get, year after year, indicates technical factors, or deliberate harassment - or both. These things could NOT be happening without some technological maneouvering (called 'telephone intercept').

Are genuine calls being accidentally forwarded to my line? Or are people purposely calling me? Or both? Either way, it cannot be accomplished without government-level involvement.

[Edit: Please see 'Canada's Moral Dilemma'. 10/15/10]

I haven't even begun to describe things that have transpired with Bell staff.

[Edit: Found out Friday that Bell Sympatico sells it's customer database.]

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