Friday, October 15, 2010

Zerzetsen - Exactly what I was experiencing

As the surveillance and harassment intensified, it felt like I was being tormented, with no proof - like sensory deprivation. I was a basketcase, at times. Interestingly, all of these things described by Roderick Russell below - even the helicopters, but not the shootings or crashed car - happened to me. 

Yet no one believed me. I live alone and did not have the benefit of witnesses. (There are some witnesses to minor incidents, but most dismiss these isolated anomalies as merely 'strange'. See this post.) I also do not communicate in a way that's believable. Throughout my life, people have tended to doubt me, despite my telling the truth or being correct in my speculation / suppositions / conclusions. I've often been right, but I don't present myself in a factual / rational / logical way, and so people dismiss me as a 'flighty female'.

Canada's Moral Dilemma: Torture in Canada
CSIS – Symptomatic of a crisis in our democracy
By Roderick Russell

What it is like to be a victim of zerzetsen?
As the wiki shows, zerzetsen is a combination of defamation and criminal threats – both different sides of the same zerzetsen coin. Its purpose is to poison every aspect of a person’s life.  [emphasis mine]

In my case it started with a professionally done defamation/slander job in Vancouver, Canada after I left Grosvenor International. Headhunters who once sought me out now avoided me. I applied for thousands of jobs, but to no avail. I had become unemployable. 

Then the threats started. Hundreds of telephone calls with no one on the other end of the line. Stalkers began to follow us around. We were under surveillance. Prowlers around the house. Telephones tapped; Mail interfered with. We feared for our lives; yet not one word was spoken. This is zerzetsen - It is designed to mirror the complaints a paranoid would make, except that I have plenty of witnesses to corroborate. The initial purpose of the threats was to stop me complaining about the slandering. [emphasis mine]

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