Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Internet and Digital Monopolies

To help avoid a Microsoft-type giant in Bell Sympatico (and Telus, Primus, etc), people need to support alternative internet service providers and vigorously ensure companies are NOT compromising consumer privacy (eg, selling customer database information, illegal wiretapping, individual profiling).

In September 2004, I started looking for a more reliable (read trustworthy) internet service provider. I finally found one called Echo Online. But too late: I dawdled for two months, then found out a company called WinTel has bought them out.[1]

Echo Online was established in 1996; yet, I bet this rapid takeover was initiated after the sales rep and I discussed privacy concerns.

Digital technology and information power, yesiree. Conspiracy theories? Maybe. See Financial Post article on Bell's entry into ISPs.

[1] Read 'Considering the "Private" Citizen,' and learn more about WinTel. [Added Feb. 17/05]


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